About Gloria

Namaste! My name is Gloria I am a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher I have been teaching Hatha yoga to mixed ability groups since 2004. My journey to this place has been a long one, I started to practice yoga in the 70's when my two now grown up children were small, for a while in the 80's I became an exercise to music teacher and fitness trainer but my love affair with Yoga was always there and I returned to the practice. A Yoga retreat in Kerala, India in 2003 finally made me decide I wanted to share this wonderful practice with many others, I was lucky enough to be accepted by the British Wheel to train as a teacher and my journey continues. There are many tired, stiff and stressed out people in today's busy world, with my teaching I help them to gain flexibility in their asana (posture) practice and an inner sense of peace and serenity through breathing (pranayama) and relaxation. I believe that Yoga as well as being a spiritual experience should also be fun, and that's what I endeavour to achieve in my teaching.